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I like biking, programming, making music and gaming. Also cats.

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Drei Tage im Urlaub und schon träume ich, wie mein Chef nach dem Urlaub entnervt zu mir kommt und mich fragt, was ich da für eine Kacke gebaut habe. Wird Zeit, dass ich nach Holland abhaue

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When tweaking the dark-mode of my site, I frequently change the ui.systemUsesDarkTheme in about:config to see how it looks. However, this involves changing the setting, switching to my site and reloading it. But there is a handy extension by rugk that makes this very easy.

It modifies the output of media queries which looks like wizardry to me

Note: It only works on websites that support the prefers-color-scheme query.

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Listening to Gorillaz for the first time in a few years. Still fingerlickin’ good!