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About me

Introductions are complicated. In real life, I’d just say, ”Hi, I’m Jonathan” and the rest would drip out in further conversations naturally.

On the internet, there is a pressure to present yourself. Write a short, memorable and to-the-point description of everything your being encompasses. Plus, garnish that with a joke, a bit of sarcasm and build up interest about you in the reader.

I have that, but I’ve got to recognize that it will never express who I am. And that’s okay, this is not about stripping your most inner feelings to a random stranger who happens to land on your website.

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About this site

This site is a cms, a personal website, a playground. The name comes from an album that might be right up your alley if you’re into chill-hop.

I wish it to be my haven of information that I gathered from around the net and also came out of my own head.

Sometimes it feels more like a Sisyphus-work of building a half-assed version, then scrapping it because of some half-assed reason and starting again. From the bottom, laying all the groundwork, just to throw it all away again.

But I believe it can grow to the point where I feel good about it and keep it around, tend it like a garden and fill it with content like this.

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Jonathan Jenne

Application Developer

jonathanjenne@posteo.de | My Homepage


Developing Integrations for CRM and ECM systems at Digital Data

Specialized in

.NET Application Development, Web App Development with Elixir, Phoenix and Javascript

Research interests

Low-tech Websites, Modern .NET Applications, Indie Web, Federation


1996 – 2000 Elementary School, Langgöns

2001 – 2010 August Herman Francke Schule, Giessen

  • secondary school leaving certificate

2011 – 2014 Apprenticeship, Digital Data Hoss und Schreiber GbR

2014 – now Application Developer at Digital Data

  • IT Specialist, Application Development