Adapting to change

I’ve had Anxiety the last two days, which is something I’ve never felt before, at least in this intensity. In hindsight, the coming changes in my life make it understandable to have such a reaction. But the last days were horrible, to be frank. I woke up feeling bad and unrested, and after a few hours a strong sense of tension showed up in my mind. I felt restless and anxious, most of the things I tried to do to distract me, made it even worse.

I ended up cycling on both days, which made me feel exhausted in a good (physical) way and also ended the anxious feeling for the day.

I’m glad I realized this early, even though it still hit me hard. I know the warning signs for my Depression pretty well, but for this I was caught off-guard.

So for now, here are things that helped me to deal with this situation:

  • Go for a cycle-trip. It helps me turn of my mind for a good while which is exactly what I needed.
  • Shower after coming back home. Even though I never shower cold, it feels good to wash off all those negative feelings, which is weird because it works for me.
  • Smell a strong taste. For me that was an essental oil which distracts my brain enough for a while.

With the realization what happened came a strong determination to follow through with everything. This determination will carry me through the coming time, I’m sure.