Helix is a multimode command line editor like vim. Inspired by the kakoune editor.


After installation, it is necessary to link the runtime directory, which contains themes and grammars needed for syntax highlighting.

ln -s $PWD/runtime ~/.config/helix/runtime


  • :vnew - Open a new buffer on the side
  • :hnew - Open a new buffer on the bottom
  • :sh - Execute a shell command and see the result in the editor

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • w - Move forward to before the beginning of the next word
  • d - Delete the active selection
  • xd - Delete the current line
  • f - Open the file picker
  • gg - Go to the first line
  • ge - Go to the last line
  • 42gg - Go to line 42
  • % - Select the whole file
  • x - Select the current line