I made the decision to change my job for the first time in my life. I’ve worked in my current job since the start of my apprenticeship, which was 11 years ago. At the same time, I’m preparing myself to move in with my girlfriend into a new city, away from my family. It’s dreadful and exciting at the same time.

Mental Health

I’ve gotten to a point where Depression itself is not something I need to fight with everyday. It will crop up occasionally and that hopelessness I used to feel a lot when growing up will come back briefly.

What I seem to experience on a daily basis now is a restlessness and a sense of being lost. I throw myself into distractions to numb something, like I have never before. It’s scary, because I’ve always tried to experience all feelings, even (or especially) the ugly ones.

It seems like that restlessness is turning into Anxiety.

Given my current situation and my future plans, this anxiety most likely stems from my troubles of Adapting to change.