Back to elementaryOS

Yesterday I went back to elementaryOS after using Regolith Linux for a few weeks now. I’ve been using elementary for a few years now and I’ve been very happy with it.

For one, it’s consistent UI is a rare sight in the Linux landscape. It also stopped me from distro-hopping every few months.

What got me interested in Regolith was a program called Relogen. It takes a random wallpaper from a folder, extracts a color palette from it and applies these colors to your whole desktop. The result is just gorgeous.

In the end, I only got a taste of Relogen because it did not work completely for me. Trying out Regolith still was very beneficial:

  • I liked Regolith a lot and it go me to think about a more keyboard-centric workflow
  • I discovered rofi, which I absolutely plan to use in elementary
  • I want to use the elementary shortcuts for window/workspace management

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