Brainstorm about storing arbitrary datapoints

Thinking about how to store, categorize and display arbitrary datapoints in mirage.

Chronicle uses these fields:

2018 APR 2019 SEP ID  Event Description

which boils down to:

  • date_from
  • date_to
  • category
  • description
  • location (possibly)

Which would be sufficient for tracking major life events like, projects, relationships, placed lived, work, education

What about habit tracking? Would be fine as well, if date_from and date_to support days instead of months like in chronicle.

Habits that occur more than once per day are not possible. I guess you could use date_time instead of only date.

Even location tracking would be possible, maybe add a location field for that.

Data would be saved in a structure like, event. Which would refer to a structure event_category.

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