Deleting my Google Account

Yesterday I deleted my Google account. It was a surprisingly painless process. Google does not even try hard to hide the “Close Account” button as much as Jeff Bezos does.

Before I did click the button, I had made the preparations months ago already:

  • Exported my Youtube subscriptions to Invidious
  • Searched through my Drive files and saved what I needed
  • Installed all the apps I bought in Google Play over the years (There were not many, mostly Games and Icon Packs which are not essential or I’ve not installed for years anyways.)
  • Exported all my Contacts to my mail provider
  • Changed the email adress in all accounts that used my Gmail adress
  • Switched from Chrome to Firefox

So now I’m Google free? Yes, technically, Technically I am. I still made a new account with nothing in it. SwiftBackup, the android backup app I’m using now requires you to have one.

What I’ll never do again, though, is trust Google with any of my data, be it location, files or search history.