Btw I use Arch now

I’m leaving elementaryOS for now. It’s one of the greatest, easy to use and polished distros out there imho, but some part of me got bored and wanted to break stuff again ;)

A few months back I tried out Regolith Linux for a bit and I found the i3 window manager quite fun. So I wanted to install an arch system built on top of i3.

I tried Arch Linux a few years ago and I remember being quite intimidated by the installation process. When I tried it a few days back, it was feeling a lot easier, I’ve come to know what a few commands do (compared to blindly remembering them), which feels satisfying in itself.

I had to start over a few times because of grub (or me not being able to install grub correctly)

At one point I was a bit stuck because I had forgotten to think about any network configuration and was wondering why pacman could not update packages. In the process I learnt a bit about what systemd all brings (systemd-resolvd for dns) you and what’s still missing.

Right now my system is running on i3gaps as window manager, rofi as application launcher and ly as display manager.

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