What is Mirage?

This post explains the pieces this site is built from and how they relate to each other. The most basic pieces are Notes and Links. Other pieces include Topics and Lists.

What’s a Note?

A note is a piece of text. It can be a thought, a bit of information on a topic or a full (blog-)post. What it is depends on the context. It can also function as a Static Pages, like the @home.

A note can have multiple Links and Topics, and can be a member of a List.

What’s a Link?

A link serves two functions. It can either be a Lifecycle of a note, or a source for something else. An example of a starting point is a bookmark of an interesting blogpost.
If refer to some external information in a note, the link to that information becomes a source. 

What’s a Topic?

A topic categorizes a group of notes or links. Any topic has N notes/links that belong to it (got tagged with the topic).

What’s a List?

A list is a chronological collection of notes. It can be public or private. For example the @blog list provides a simple blog to this site. Another list is called draftsand contains drafts for blog posts.

An example

I come across a github page of a software that interests me. I save a link to it in mirage. I want to install the software, and document the process, so I create a note and attach the link to it (or, even easier, create a note from the link). I continue by trying to install the software and come across some issues. While searching for solutions, i save a bunch of stackoverflow links as sources to the note. I also tag the note with some topics.
Once the software is installed, I continue to write about the experience i have with it.

Finally I publish the note in the list @blog.

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