Switching to a green mobile provider

I just signed up for WETell, a new german mobile provider which aims to be sustainable, green and fair. Their plans are more expensive than your average plan in Germany but still reasonable 1.

My main reason for switching is to get away from some big company. In the last years I’ve become more and more unsatisfied with most of the products these companies offer. Helping a small project with a good cause feels a lot better. Also because I can be more confident that these people actually care about me, the customer.

Now I’m waiting for the transition of my number and for my new SIM Card to arrive. They say it might take up to three weeks because I’m taking my phone number with me, so I guess I need to be a little patient.

EDIT: They needed a copy of my personalausweis and offered Threema (among others like encrypted email and snail mail) as a means to send the pictures. This feels so much more personal, because behind that Threema Account there is an actual person who will sign every Message with their Name.

  1. 20€ for an allnet-flat and 5GB is fine by me, especially since data is still fucking expensive here.

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