Another Redesign

I trimmed and simplified the styles for mirage a few days ago. Mainly, that meant getting rid of all custom fonts (Inter, Cascadia and an Icon font I never used) and replacing it with system fonts as suggested by systemfontstack.

That means that every client will just use whatever font is available with the css trying to set some sensible defaults (for example Georgia on Windows).

I kept using Inter as my main font before because it is just gorgeous and a lot of customization options in the form of OpenType font features but I decided to trade features for a more lightweight site.

The site has really settled down visually because of that and some other choices I made. In addition, i brought in light and dark designs again. Finally, I added a nice footer with all links I wanted to put on the site but never new where to put them.

There are things I have not tackled yet, like im/exporting notes, proper gallery list styles and more, but this felt very satisfying. :)

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