🎮 Favorite Video Games

This is a list of games I have played and that I love, be it for the superb mechanics/game play, or the touching stories they tell.

Not all of these Games I have completed yet and maybe I never will, but I’ve seen enough of them that they have impressed me, brought me to tears or made me think about them long after I turned of my PC.

  • Baba is you, A 2D puzzle game where you solve levels by changing the the rules of the game itself!
  • The Beginners Guide, An experience in unconventional Story-Telling in Games.
  • The Binding of Isaac, Topdown twinstick action game about a you boy fighting against everything that’s holy and unholy in the basement of his mother.
  • Braid, Puzzle
  • Dark Souls, Unforgiving
  • Dead Cells, Rougelike
  • FEZ, Puzzle
  • Gunpoint, Puzzle
  • Hyper Light Drifter,
  • Inscryption, Deckbuilder, Story-driven, Meta
  • Katana Zero, Puzzle, Action
  • Kentucky Route Zero, Storydriven
  • LIMBO, Puzzle
  • Machinarium, Point & Click
  • Portal 1 & 2, Puzzle, Story-driven
  • Slay the Spire, Deckbuilder
  • The Stanley Parable, Story-driven
  • Super Auto Pets, Autobattler
  • To The Moon, Story-driven
  • The Witness, Puzzle
  • World of Horror, Adventure
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