Marriage, a card game

Whoever gets the most points, wins the game. It is mostly played for five rounds and points are added from all rounds to determine the winner.

The game will be played in two phases. Getting to the second game is crucial, because ending in the first phase will not give the player any points.


Every player is given 21 cards. The rest is made into a stack with the uppermost card flipped so it can be seen.

Phase 1

In the first phase the players take turns exchanging on card from their hand with either the last one thrown by the other player or a new one from the stack.

The players try to form 3 sequences of 3 cards each from their hands and bring them out in from of them. If they succeed, they will determine the maal for this game and proceed to phase 2.

The sequences can either be a double run or a trial.

Phase 2

Once one player has looked at the Maal, they proceed to phase 2. In this phase, they try to form another 4 3-card sequences with the remaining 13 cards (whereas the one remaining card acts as a wildcard).

This phase will generally be easier, because

  • There is an additional sequence that can be used
  • Certain cars relating to the Maal can now be used as a joker, see Points.



A 3-card sequence where number and colors are the same, for example:

  • ♣️7 ♣️7 ♣️7
  • ♥️10 ♥️10 ♥️10
  • ♥️4 ♣️4 ♠️4 (only Phase 2)

Double Run

A 3-card sequence where the numbers a consecutive and the colors are the same, for example:

  • ♣️4 ♣️5 ♣️6
  • ♥️1 ♥️2 ♥️3


Once a player has formed 3 sequences from his hand, they will place the cards in front of them so that every player can see it. Then they will take a random card from the stack, look at it and put it at the bottom at the stack. This card is the Maal. It determines which cards give points and which are considered jokers this game.


Suppose ♣️5 is the Maal. Then the following card-combinations give points:

  • Maal

    • ♣️5 = 3pt
    • ♣️♣️5 = 8pt
  • Neighbours

    • ♣️4 = 2pt
    • ♣️6 = 2pt,
    • ♣️♣️4 = 5pt
    • ♣️♣️6 = 5pt
    • ♣️♣️♣️4 = 10pt
    • ♣️♣️♣️6 = 10pt
  • Opposite (of same color)

    • ♠️5 = 5pt
    • ♠️♠️5 = 15pt
    • ♠️♠️♠️5 = 25pt (if in hand)
    • ♠️♠️♠️5 = 25pt (if played)
  • Marriage

    • ♣️4 ♣️5 ♣️6 = 10pt (if in hand)
    • ♣️4 ♣️5 ♣️6 = 15pt (if played)