🌶️ Radish Achaar / Mula ko achaar



  • 2 big radish
  • 1 tsp Chili flakes or 2-3 Green chilis
  • Mustard seeds, ground
  • Methi seeds


  1. Peel the radish

Radish 1 Be sure to peel them, otherwise your achaar will contain a lot of fibers

  1. Cut into slices, add to a pot, and put in fridge for 60-90 minutes

Radish 3 Cut the radish in long, fry-shaped pieces, adjust the size to the jar they will be stored in

  1. After taking them out, remove the excess water that the salt has pulled out of the radish, dry with a towel or similar.

Radish 4 The salt will make the water come out

  1. Add chili flakes and ground mustard seed. Take a teaspoon of besar and pour it in one spot over the radish to make a mound. Do not stir yet!
  2. Fry methi with a lot of oil until black, pour over the besar.
  3. Add to a medium-sized jar.
  4. Let it sit in the sun for 3-5 days.