What I don't use

These are services I don’t (want to) use and reasons why.



  • Closed my Google Account somewhere in 2020, made a new one just to use SwiftBackup.
  • I’m still using Youtube, because the creators I watch are on there. 1


  • I still own an Amazon account, and occasionally use it to buy MP3s I can’t find elsewhere. Other than that, I try to avoid the whole company like the plague.


  • Because I my job as a .NET-Developer, I really can’t stay away from Windows completely, I use Windows 10 and Visual Studio at work.
  • I have a unactivated version of Windows 7 running on my home pc to play games.


  • I never got Twitter, I remember sending my first tweet to a friend asking if they knew what the hell this service was good for.
  • These day I see it as a toxic hellhole and I regret every time I accidentally land there.


  • I never owned an apple device, apart from a few iPod Nano back in the day when MP3-Players were cool.


  • I closed my account years ago and haven’t looked back. Unfortunately I still use Whatsapp.


  • I was a big fan of Spotify, until I started stressing out over making playlists and songs being pulled from under my butt. I closed my account and went back to buying MP3 on Bandcamp.

  1. Though I’m not interfacing with youtube.com anymore. I use invidious, NewPipe or Piped to watch videos.

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