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Install TWRP and Root on Fairphone 4 / iodéOS


You have to use TWRP because iodéOS recovery doesn’t allow adb shell.
If you boot TWRP via fastboot boot twrp.img it gets stuck.
For some reason, you have to install it.

  • Install iodéOS and unlock bootloader

  • Enter bootloader:

      adb reboot bootloader
  • Get current slot:

      fastboot getvar current-slot
  • Install TWRP:

      fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.6.0_FP4-UNOFFICIAL-20211216.img
  • Enter TWRP:

      fastboot reboot recovery
  • “Mount” → “Disable MTP”

  • Extract boot image (replace [slot] with current slot):

    adb shell dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/boot_[slot] of=/system/boot.img
    adb pull /system/boot.img
  • Reboot and copy boot.img to sdcard:

      adb push boot.img /sdcard
  • Patch boot.img with Magisk app

  • Transfer / adb pull that patched boot.img to your PC

  • Follow root guide


  • Unlock bootloader (will reset your phone)
  • Reboot to bootloader: adb reboot bootloader
  • Boot patched boot image:
  • fastboot boot patched_boot.img
  • Open the Magisk app
  • Cancel “Requires Additional Setup”
  • Choose “Install” → “Direct Install” and “Reboot”
  • Your phone is now rooted, you can’t lock the bootloader again

Android App Recommendations

Tasks & Notes

  • Carnet Powerful note taking app with sync and online editor
  • Markor Text editor - Notes & ToDo. Lightweight. Markdown and todo.txt support.
  • Tasks Open-source To-Do Lists & Reminders
  • Orgzly Note and outlining app mimicking the all-powerful emacs


  • Simple Calendar Pro Simple calendar, has everything you need
  • aCalendar+ Extensive calendar, lots of options, nice design.
  • DAVx5 All-in-one CalDAV/CardDAV/WebDAV solution for Android

Phone & Contacts

  • Simple Contacts Pro A lightweight smart contact app for managing your contacts.
  • Koler Koler is an open source caller app.

Maps and Navigation

  • OsmAnd Extensive Maps App with offline navigation, plugins, and lots of customization options


The goal of this project is to add a BlackBerry Q10 keyboard to non-BlackBerry phones. While this can easily be adapted to suit any other phone with an USB port at the bottom, I will focus on releasing files for the Fairphone 4, since that is what I have. Feel free to adjust it to your phone and share your results in the discussion area.

The Fairberry keyboard is detachable and can be used without any modifications on the phone. Since it connects over USB, there is no need for separate batteries or glitchy Bluetooth connections.

A brief and informal analysis of F-Droid security

F-Droid is a popular alternative app repository for Android, especially known for its main repository dedicated to free and open-source software. F-Droid is often recommended among security and privacy enthusiasts, but how does it stack up against Play Store in practice? This write-up will attempt to emphasize major security issues with F-Droid that you should consider.