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After struggling a bit with a CSRF issue, migrating to paperless-ngx has really been as easy as changing the referenced image in the docker-compose.yml, so now I’m running that an am really happy with the results and confident of running a supported and actively developed paperless.

As for someone who has not had a lot of experience with OCR (despite my job), the quality has been superb for me.

I’m going through my folders of paychecks, rent contracts and things of that nature and scanning everything that seems important/worthy of archiving.

I would like to move on to purchase receipts and the scanner includes a template for scanning these kinds of small, non standard documents, but it has not been so far. So that’s for another day.

Yesterday I got my scanner set up in a way that I can work with it. I’m using simple-scan now which has a straight-forward interface while also providing me with almost all options that I would like to have right now.

Duplex scanning works now, paperless-ng is running and I’m in the process of migrating to paperless-ngx, which is a successor fork.

The importing of the scanned pdfs into paperless is manual work for now, but for the time being that’s fine.

For a while now, I wanted to digitalize my paper documents. I’ve been working in a company specializing in that and over the years, I’ve grown tired of these big folders in my shelf.

I got a brother ADS-2100e off ebay-kleinanzeigen and been trying to get it to scan (which it does) duplex (not yet), ideally to a folder or something (also no dice yet), so I can feed the scanned files to a fresh Paperless NG instance.