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Another Redesign

I trimmed and simplified the styles for mirage a few days ago. Mainly, that meant getting rid of all custom fonts (Inter, Cascadia and an Icon font I never used) and replacing it with system fonts as suggested by systemfontstack.

That means that every client will just use whatever font is available with the css trying to set some sensible defaults (for example Georgia on Windows).

I kept using Inter as my main font before because it is just gorgeous and a lot of customization options in the form of OpenType font features but I decided to trade features for a more lightweight site.

The site has really settled down visually because of that and some other choices I made. In addition, i brought in light and dark designs again. Finally, I added a nice footer with all links I wanted to put on the site but never new where to put them.

There are things I have not tackled yet, like im/exporting notes, proper gallery list styles and more, but this felt very satisfying. :)

I have considerably improved the posting experience on mirage. The title is auto-generated and defaults to a unix-timestamp. If I set the default list to my microblog list, I can easily post a note like this. Big step forward.

My development todo list for the near future:

Theme Selector on Mirage

I added a cool little theme selector to mirage! In the upper right corner you can click the colorful circles to change the theme. It gets persisted in localstorage and loaded flickerfree (unlike previous attempts with tailwind). I need my site to look different from time to time and with my current css structure that builds heavily on css vars, it’s sooo easy to build new themes!

Today I submitted a question to the Caddy Community Forum to ask about the problem that I had with my static files and only a few hours later, not one but two people submitted suggestions on how to solve it.

In the end, it was mostly me not understanding how permissions work in linux. Anyway, I learned a few things about linux and also started to really appreciate the simplicity of configuring caddy.

This is what I ended up with:

# Mirage, PostgreSQL
inhji.de {
  # handle_path will cut out the path is handling to avoid duplicate upload folders in the resulting path
  handle_path /uploads/* {
    root * /var/www/mirage/uploads

  handle {
    reverse_proxy * localhost:9100

  import security_headers

I also moved my static files to /var/www and set proper permissions.

Now my migration of mirage is complete and I can turn off the old VPS. Next up would be getting my gitea setup in order..

Okay, my move to a smaller VPS is almost done. I scrapped my public gitea instance and will be using the one on my raspi (or my diskstation). I moved mirage over, and gave Caddy a try. Everything working fine (a lot less configuration so far, plus everything is in one file), except for serving static files from another directory. Cannot figure it out.