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On Cycling

When I started my apprenticeship, I lived 2 cities away from my work place. With my limited budget, I could not afford going by bus and so I started cycling to work. I did it out of necessity and coming from a work day I remember cursing that uphill section just in from of my home.

After I finished my apprenticeship, I could afford to take the bus everyday and I happily did. For some reason, I never even considered a car to be an option for me, even though I have a drivers license.

My boss was a heavy proponent of cycling and he, his wife and their dog came to work by bike every day. Over lunch we had a lot of talks about how cycling is a good thing because it keeps your body fit (especially when you sit at a desk all day doing IT) and provides you with some balance.

Over the years this opinion found its way into my brain and I started cycling again, this time by choice. Luckily for me, I always stayed in cycling range of my work and so I kept ditching the bus for my transportation of choice.

I went from trying to find excuses for taking the bus (It’s cold outside, It’s raining, You’ll sweat, ..) to finding reasons to absolutely prefer the bike over bus, trains, cars in any possible situation:

  • Time: No more catching or waiting for buses. The liberation I felt when I realized this was immense. If you miss your bus by just one minute, tough luck, there won’t be another one until 30 minutes. If this bus is late by 5 minutes, you might not catch your connecting one, again, tough luck.

  • Space: While I can be hard to find dedicated parking spots for bikes, it is not that big of an issue. You can lock it to that lamppost over there, or on that fence. There are not many restrictions as to where you are allowed to park your bike 1.

  • Balance: One of the most important things for me, being a software developer, is a change of pace when coming home from a long day. While enjoy sitting in the bus and just zoning off sometimes, nothing beats a 30 minute ride home where you can reflect, let off steam or simply enjoy the scenery 2.

The bottom line is: I love cycling, it’s good for my mental and physical health and it’s also a lot of fun 😊

  1. At least in Germany, I’ve heard that you can pay a hefty fine for that in the Netherlands.

  2. My way home leads me through a lot of fields, a river lots of green.