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Western democracy is completely fucked

I’m under no illusion that revolutions are bloodless, but I believe that sometimes they are the the only option when system becomes so corrupt and rigged in favour of a small, wealthy, ruling elite.

The French Revolution for example which was grisly as all fuck and the years of instability afterwards can not be understated. Yet I do believe that what eventually came out of it (the French Republic) is far, far better than what came before the people started chopping the heads off the insane, greedy, oppressive aristrocracy.

There are of course counter-examples. The Russian revolution. Though was the revolution itself the problem there, or the people that commandeered it for themselves in the years afterwards (e.g. Stalin)?

I cannot see a way to fix the current system. The populace is so suppressed in ways that are sometimes subtle as fuck. Decades of demagogue politicians playing on fears, dividing the demographics into us-versus-them tribes out for blood, fostering the paranoia and fear of the foreigner, engaging in massive orgies of deregulation of financial services that cause crash after econimic crash, where the average schmuck picks up the bill and those reponsible get to carry on as normal.

Repealing basic services like welfare and healthcare, fostering resentment between age groups, racial groups and classes as a misdirection of attention from the actual cause of our current ills, socially irresponsible banks and financial services that have no tangible value to society other than to move money around.

Intelligence services and police forces focused on inward threats from their own people lest they somehow upset the status quo of funneling up the wealth of nations into the hands of a few oligarchs at the top of the pyramid.

Western democracy is completely fucked. It has been corrupted and made a sick facsimile of what it was intended to be. There is no fixing this system without massive civil unrest, and that impending civil unrest is why (I believe) we are witnessing the insance lurch towards authoritarianism and watering down of basic rights all over Europe and the US, it’s those with a lot to lose preparing themselves.

And they are winning. They will continue to fuck us all as long as we keep falling for the whole ‘terrorist’, ‘immigrants’, ‘paedophile’, ‘hackers’ bullshit as a reason why they must keep taking away our rights and liberties.

We are frogs slowly boiling alive in the cooking pot.


All men must die

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Matt Lange - Consider This

Consider this
No matter how far I fall
You pick me up when even though
You’re not here.
Consider this
No matter how dark I turn
You give me hope when even though
You’re still there.

Abends frühstücken und tagsüber Urlaub,
morgens mein ganzen Lohn verzocken,
nachts nie mehr auf die Uhr schaun;
Irgendwann sagt auch mal die Welt Entschuldigung
solang war ich beschäftigt mit meiner Selbstentrümpelung.
– Maeckes

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Ich weiß, es ist Zeit, ins Bett zu gehen, wenn ich mir ernsthaft Antworten zu Youtube-Kommentaren überlege.

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Ich kann nicht stehenbleiben. Ich kann nicht aufatmen. Ich muss immer weiter. Wenn ich stehenbleibe, fange ich an, mich im Kreis zu drehen. So lange, bis ich verschwinde, aufhöre zu existieren.

Mein Kopf pocht. Gleichförmig, unaufhörlich, gnadenlos. Niemals stehenbleiben. Meine Gedanken sind so voll, dass ich nichts erkennen kann. Keinen Gedanken richtig fassen kann. Sie lassen mich nicht los und ich will nicht von ihnen ablassen. Will mehr. Mehr Betäubung, mehr Atemlosigkeit. Mehr mehr.

Ich habe mich daran gewöhnt, einen rastlosen Kopf zu besitzen. Einen Kopf, der niemals schläft. Der immer produziert. Der immer wacher ist, als ich es jemals sein werde. Ich schalte auf Autopilot, ergebe mich meinen Synapsen, die unaufhörlich feuern, wie ein Maschinengewehr.

Und doch merke ich, wie es mich auslaugt, aufzehrt, merklich, aber unmerklich. Stück für Stück, Tag für Tag. Ich rede mir ein, dass ich Fortschritte mache, ich rede mir ein, dass ich lerne, damit umzugehen. Vielleicht ist es andersherum. Vielleicht. Vielleicht. Vielleicht.

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Privacy? I don't have anything to hide.

You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. privacytools.io provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

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Stickers \o/

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