I started a Reading List after barely reading any books for at least 10 years.

I have a few books that I want to re-read, mostly sci-fi.

My first book is Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. It’s an action packed fantasy, which makes me laugh and keeps me reading at the same time. Good stuff.

Webtooling like Webpack does more and more, while my needs for these tools grow smaller and smaller.

I remember thinking that I at some point would “grow out of” stuff like dubstep, it seemed like a rebellion against normie music at the time.
I just realized that I still really really enjoy listening to it. It’s such a powerful antidote against all the shit that is going on everywhere and that pulls me down oh so often.

So thanks Metrik, thanks ShockOne, thanks Koven <3

Today evening I’ve spent a few hours tagging most of the bookmarks I collected over the last few years. There are some left, once they are done, I will check them for a proper description and title.

Once they are in good shape I’ll think about making them public.

This is Inhji’s girlfriend posting shits in his website for the first time and feeling proud about it. BTW he is the cutest guy I have met so far. Looking forward to more laughter and leg pulling….

Frustrated that there are no good (or any?) services to learn the Nepali language, on Saturday I started learning hindi. The two languages share a lot of similarities in the words they use and probably more importantly, use the same script, Devanagari. I found that there is a hindi course on duolingo and learned away! Until now i’ts a fun and quite addictive experience.

Streets would be a lot safer if people would drive according to their physical constitution.

It’s raining heavily outside and I’m here noodling on my modular synth.

Today I woke up after getting my second vaccination yesterday. I expected to feel a lot worse. I have a slight pressure on my head plus some light pain. My arm is still hurting when I lift it. Other than that, I have not noticed anything. Let’s see if it stays that way, but I can see myself going to work even today.

Okay it seems like my feed is causing miniflux to show all notes as new when ever I post a new note. Which would be a bad thing. Bad as in clusterfuck.

This is my second microblog entry which is posted from the quick update form. I hope you like it.

This is my First Microblog entry. It does not have any value by itself but it means a lot to me. It will be published in the @micro list and will show up in the Microblog RSS Feed. And hopefully also in Mastodon soon.