September ‘21

Getting a new NAS *

August ‘21

Btw I use Arch (again) *

June ‘21

Btw I use Arch now *
I hate car culture *
Coming home *
Discovering Haiku OS *

May ‘21

Watering my plants while I'm away *
Deleting my Google Account *

April ‘21

Data validation in WinForms using a BindingSource *
Back to elementaryOS *
Talk about bloat *
A redesign? *

March ‘21

First steps with Huginn (again) *
Can you group_by a query and get back the full structs in Ecto? *
Cannot login into huginn after fresh container start *
Alto's Odyssey *
The MNT Reform DIY Laptop *
Restarting a stopped docker container *
Searching in Mirage *
The king in yellow *
Covid Testing how it should have been all along *
Classless CSS Frameworks *
Switching to a green mobile provider *
What is Mirage? *
Excluding folders from Goto Anything in Sublime Text *