It’s raining heavily outside and I’m here noodling on my modular synth.

Today I woke up after getting my second vaccination yesterday. I expected to feel a lot worse. I have a slight pressure on my head plus some light pain. My arm is still hurting when I lift it. Other than that, I have not noticed anything. Let’s see if it stays that way, but I can see myself going to work even today.

Okay it seems like my feed is causing miniflux to show all notes as new when ever I post a new note. Which would be a bad thing. Bad as in clusterfuck.

This is my second microblog entry which is posted from the quick update form. I hope you like it.

This is my First Microblog entry. It does not have any value by itself but it means a lot to me. It will be published in the @micro list and will show up in the Microblog RSS Feed. And hopefully also in Mastodon soon.